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In this issue: We look at the life and career of
Mark Wahlberg

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Issue 25 out November 29 2001 UK £1.99, US $3.99

Mark Wahlberg
Rising from a rough, criminal background to become a rap star and underwear model, it certainly seemed as though Mark Wahlberg had come a long way from his days as a juvenile delinquent. What no-one expected was that he would rise higher still, becoming one of today's hottest young stars in Hollywood...

Mark Wahlberg in The Corrupter• Thanks to his rugged good looks and impressively naturalistic acting style, not to mention a pretty impressive set of abs, Mark's diverse film career has seen him progress from Leonardo DiCaprio's sidekick to the lead in Summer 2001's biggest blockbuster

We take a detailed look at Mark’s career, including:

  • His incarceration as a youth
  • His rise as a rap star, with Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
  • His early film performances, including The Basketball Diaries alongside Leo DiCaprio
  • The performance, and prosthetic, that cemented his career – as a pornstar in Boogie Nights
  • Taking the lead for the first time, as an assassin in The Big Hit
  • Trying to knock off Saddam Hussein's hidden gold with George Clooney in Three Kings
  • His favourite performance, as a man who is seduced by a life of crime in The Yards
  • Reuniting with George Clooney as a man at the mercy of nature's fury in The Perfect Storm
  • Battling to rule the planet in the blockbusting remake of Planet of the Apes, opposite a chimped-up Helena Bonham Carter
  • His latest role, with Jennifer Aniston, as a wannabe singer who gets his chance in the forthcoming Rock Star

• We also get Wahlberg's perspective on his career, with an analysis of all his film roles!

• Illustrated, as always, with a prominent package of full colour photographs!

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