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In this issue: We look at the life and career of
Jude Law

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Issue 24 out August 16 2001 UK £1.99, US $3.99

Jude Law
In his brief yet diverse film career, Jude Law has proved himself an uncommonly versatile actor who has refused to be pigeonholed, stereotyped or typecast through an almost eccentric choice of roles. Turning his hand to gritty urban drama, period pieces or Sci-Fi, Law has always excelled

• Thanks to Jude’s matinee idol looks and outstanding natural talent, not to mention his fantastic onscreen charisma, he has quickly become one of the most sought-after young stars of today

We take a detailed look at Jude’s career, including:

  • His début role as a ram raider in the topical and disturbing Shopping
  • His first major role, as Lord Alfred Douglas opposite Stephen Fry in Wilde
  • Playing a genetically perfect but wheelchair-bound man in the classic Sci-Fi thriller Gattaca
  • Being directed by Clint Eastwood as a murder victim in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  • Freaking out in the visceral virtual reality horror that was David Cronenburg’s icky Existenz
  • Knocking spots off the competition as the beautiful but spoilt Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr Ripley
  • His performance as a crack shot sniper at the Battle of Stalingrad in the most expensive European film ever made, Enemy at the Gates
  • His latest role as a robot lover, helping Haley Joel Osment’s automaton become a real boy in AI: Artificial Intelligence

• We also get Law’s perspective on his career, with an analysis of all his film roles!

• Illustrated, as always, with a plethora of full colour photographs!

Plus two huge 23 by 16 inch Jude Law poster featuring him at work and play! (photo © PA Photos)

Look out for the next issue of MOVIE IDOLS : Mark Wahlberg– published in November

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Photo: Jude Law
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