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In this issue: We look at the life and career of Brendan Fraser Previous Issues • Each issue of MOVIE IDOLS focuses on a major star, with reviews of all of their film roles and a career profile
• plus: it folds out into a 33 x 23 inch full colour poster!
Issue 22 out April 17 2001 UK £1.99, US $3.99

Brendan Fraser
... since his first appearance on the big screen ten years ago, he's proved himself something of a Renaissance Star, capable of handling both summer action blockbusters and romantic comedies as well as thoughtful drama.

• Thanks to Brendan's rugged physique and a sensitivity uncommon in action films, he's been able to juggle a meteoric cinematic career while developing his skills as an actor.

• We take a detailed look at Brendan's career, including:

  • His early roles alongside stars such as River Phoenix, Donald Sutherland and Pauly Shore (!)
  • His first lead role alongside Steve Buscemi in Airheads
  • His critically applauded performance in Gods and Monsters with Ian McKellen
  • His habit of appearing in cartoon adaptations, e.g. George of Jungle and Dudley Do-Right
  • The film that proved he could cut it as a major action star, The Mummy
  • His struggle to get out of a deal with Satan herself in Bedazzled
  • His forthcoming smash hits Monkeybone and The Mummy Returns!

We also get Brendan's perspective on his career, with an analysis of all his film roles!

Illustrated, as always, with a plethora of full colour photographs!

Plus our massive 33 by 23 inch Mummy Returns poster featuring Brendan Fraser (photo © Universal)

Look out for the next issue of MOVIE IDOLS : Angelina Jolie– published on 31 May

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Photo: Brendan Fraser in
Blast from the Past,
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