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In this issue: We look at the life and career of superstar action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger Previous Issues • Each issue of MOVIE IDOLS focuses on a major movie star, with reviews all of their film roles and a career profile • plus: every issue folds out into a 33 x 23 inch full colour poster
Issue 19 published November 2000 UK £1.99, US $3.99

Arnold Schwarzenegger - one of the movie industry's most robust icons. Thanks to both his muscular physique and deadpan delivery, the Man Mountain's career has veered from mature fantasy and sci-fi to family comedy and entertainment.

• We take a detailed look at Arnold's career, from his earliest work to the present, including:

  • His big break as Conan the Barbarian
  • The role that ultimately made him a star, in
    The Terminator
  • His demonstrating a talent for comedy in Twins
  • His post-op comeback, End of Days
  • His current smash, The Sixth Day

• We also get Arnold's perspective on his career, and that operation, as well as the prospect of old age putting a stop to his action escapades...

• All of Arnold's film roles are reviewed, including those above plus Commando, Predator, The Running Man, Kindergarten Cop, True Lies, Junior and Batman & Robin.

• Illustrated with a plethora of full colour photographs!

Plus our massive 33 by 23 inch Arnold Schwarzenegger poster from The Sixth Day

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Arnold talks about making The 6th Day in this issue of Film Review

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