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SUBJECT: Shirley MacLaine

A new novel from Shirley MacLaine Hollywood icon Shirley MacLaine has been nominated for six Academy Awards, winning Best Actress for her role in Terms of Endearment, and has authored 10 international bestsellers, including Out on a Limb, Donít Fall Off the Mountain, Dancing in the Light and Going Within..

In her new book, Sage-ing While Age-ing, the superstar contemplates such subjects as what is the purpose of our lives, are we alone in the universe, and what happens to us after death, as well as sharing her insights into consciousness, spirituality, nutrition and alternate medicine.

Q: Is this book influenced by the events of 9/11?
A: Could be, as it says in the book it was inspired by moving into my new house in New Mexico. A new house is a new life, but I know that 9/11 had a tremendous affect on me.

Q: You say in the book that we are all the producer and director of our lives. How good are you as the producer or director of your life?
A: Itís going pretty well. Iím really happy and content with my life. Iím not happy and content with the news, but I havenít turned it off yet.

Q: Thereís a tremendous dichotomy between living a spiritual life and being in show business, which seems so shallow at times.
A: Oh, isnít that the truth. Weíre so materialistically inclined these days, itís really alarming. I think the materialism is an attempt to try to solve our fear about life. What Iím saying is, go within yourself and that center will be attached to the divine, and whatever it is youíre going through there will be a reason for it. But then, I donít believe we die, I think the soul is eternal. Iím old enough now to have been though many adventures where my life really was at stake, and I was always protected because I went within and asked for help. Thatís the help we should ask for.

Q: Was your first experience with extraterrestrials when you visited Peru?
A: No, my first experience was when I was 18. I was in Arlington, Virginia, right across the river from Washington. A couple of squadrons of UFOs buzzed the Capitol and the White House. Itís documented, July 19, 1952. The switchboards lit up and President Truman got General Stanford, the head of the military, to go on television and say, ĎTheyíre not ours and theyíre not Russian.í That really piqued my interest, and from then on I was interested.

Q: You speak about your association with the Rat Pack in your book Ė did they become spiritual as they grew older?
A: Frank [Sinatra] got very interested in reincarnation. He want and visited the Pope at the end of his life, and we had talks about his belief that he had been [here] before and that he had had experience with music, because he talked a lot to me about how he was always hearing these chords and these musical things in his mind all his life, and he thought it came from some previous existence. Dean [Martin] didnít talk so much about it. Sammy [Davis Jr] was very interested in it. He was interested, by the way, in the dark side of things. Thatís why he walked around with all those bodyguards with his gold chains.

Q: In your book you say, ĎWe are ready to be ourselves. Thus we will be prepared for a shift in all ways possible by December 21, 2012.í:
Shirley MacLaineA: May 21, 2012 thereís going to be a complete line up of several solar systems, the first time in 26,000 years. End of the zodiac. The alignment of those solar systems is going to bombard us with such energy and such light that we wonít even be able to see it. From May 21, 2012 to December 21, 2021 we will, this is my opinion, adjust to that light and energy. It will freak out a lot of people and others will go on to understanding a new level of consciousness.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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