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Out of Sight
• George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, sparking off more screen chemistry than a science lab, must be the coolest people on the planet. We say: move over Jackie Brown, Steven Soderbergh's made the best Elmore Leonard adaptation yet. Sample our interview feature here

The Negotiator

• Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey – we like them lots, but if this psychological action-thriller is any guide, we wouldn't want to get on their wrong side. They both talk on playing hostages to fortune this month, and here's our ‘Recommended’ four-star review


Matt Damon gets a big hand in John Dahl's latest cool, richly-cast movie – as a gifted poker player torn between underground gambling and law school. He talks about the intricacies of hustling cards in another coming-of-age story.
Matt Damon is the subject of the latest issue of our poster magazine Movie Idols

Rush Hour
Jackie Chan, Asia's biggest martial arts star, has been breaking box-office records in the US with this Hollywood mayhem. So we bring you the death-defying dynamo on the culture shock of his first American film in 15 years.


It's probably the fastest-selling video ever... In part two of our celebratory feature, James Cameron and crew discuss the challenges of recreating the fateful voyage.

Plus • 17 pages of reviews covering all the UK's new cinema releases including Antz • Ronin • Blade and many more • video reviews • nine pages of news including our tribute to Roddy McDowall • details of the London Film Festival's nation-wide tour • your movie questions answered in Film Fax
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