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October 1998

Saving Private Ryan
Matt Damon is Private RyanAfter a while the superlatives get a little tired but Spielberg’s latest movie is every bit as effective and moving as you’ve read. It’s well made, you forget you’re watching a film at all and start empathising with those who fought in the most brutal conditions. A cast of unknowns and stars vie for attention and, in time, the Oscars. 
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There’s Something About Mary
A rude, crude, hilarious film – we’re in Farrelly Brothers territory. This sweet-natured romantic comedy – with ‘its heart in its crotch’ as James Cameron-Wilson succinctly put it – has loser Ben Stiller risking all for his high school sweetheart, played by Cameron Diaz. The result of his efforts produces perhaps the funniest comedy of the year.

He Got Game
Spike Lee’s most mature film addresses the widest possible audience. In this tale of paternal-filial strife, colour is not directly an issue and the basketball is a mere detail. They are side issues in the efforts of Denzel Washington winning over his angry son years after the accidental death of his wife during a bitter family row.

The Last Days of Disco
A film to polarise opinion, Whit Stillman’s cool dissection of the New York disco scene in the ‘80s has crap dancing, smug yuppies and spangly balls in abundance. The music’s good but the characters generally are not as the wordy drama rumbles to its fin de siècle conclusion with some casualties strewn along the way.

Love is the Devil
Derek Jacobi creates an astonishing impression of the equally astonishing artist Francis Bacon, in John Maybury’s skilfully wrought view of the artist’s very odd life. Daniel Craig also scores heavily as his bit-of-rough lover, who at times becomes the artist’s muse. The whole film leaves the impression of a Bacon painting: painful, uneasy but constantly fascinating.

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