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The Truman Show • Jim Carrey’s famous for being rude, crude and thoroughly unattractive, but he's finally proved he's more than a bendy face, as a soap star with a real difference in the instant classic The Truman Show. He tells us about playing it straight.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story • The most famous of fairy tales receives a modern spin, bidding farewell to fairy godmothers and pumpkin coaches. Drew Barrymore and director Andy Tennant talk Cinders - meanwhile here's our ‘Recommended’ four-star review

A Perfect Murder • Michael Douglas adds another selfish rich swine to his CV in this glossy remake of Hitchcock's Dial ‘M’ for Murder. He suspects wife Gwyneth Paltrow of adultery and plans to cut her pretty head off and mail it in a box to her lover. Well, at least kill her.

The Governess • Minnie Driver's taking a break from Hollywood hunks (she’s already starred opposite Christian Slater, Matt Damon and John Cusack). She talks to us on location for the haunting drama The Governess. Sample our interview feature here

Titanic • To celebrate the video release of the squillion dollar-grossing, Oscar-winning epic, we take the first of a two-part journey behind the scenes of the movie that re-defined the term ‘quite popular’

Plus • reviews of all the new cinema releases including scream-fest Halloween H20 and oriental Disney animation Mulan • video reviews • nine pages of news • your movie questions answered in Film Fax

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