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September 1998

The X-Files
The breathtaking further adventures of Mulder and Scully have to draw in new audiences without alienating existing fans. The film does just that and expands the scope of the TV series, using every inch of the big screen and relishing the budget afforded by a blockbuster summer movie. The plot concerns aliens and international conspiracies. Who’d have thought?.

The Earth’s in peril from an asteroid the size of Texas, so a mismatched group of oil drillers (led by Bruce Willis) would seem to be quite a way down the list of qualified personnel to deal with it. With a budget NASA must envy, the film offers something for everyone. Except audiences looking for good acting and plot, of course.

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Vinnie Jones, erstwhile footballer, scores heavily as an enforcer for a porn baron, and the young cast shine in a film packed with familiar faces from British TV. An assured début from Guy Ritchie, who manages to combine the guile (and violence) of Reservoir Dogs with the cheeky chappie charm of The Italian Job.

Altogether quieter than most of the other films around at the moment, Bill Nicholson’s début as director is a well-crafted, poignantly acted piece set in the 19th Century. Stephen Dillane is the man who pays Sophie Marceau to have his baby, unprepared for the consequences this has on all of them. Think Jane Eyre with knobs on.

Eve’s Bayou
Actress Kasi Lemmons found good roles hard to find but as a writer/director she débuts effectively with a movie that has them in abundance. Sam L Jackson is the well-to-do doctor, ministering to the needs of his female patients in early ’60s Louisiana, unaware of the harm being caused to his loving family. Dark, and richly drawn drama.

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