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Saving Private Ryan
The World War Two battle scenes in Spielberg's red-hot Oscar favourite are so unflinchingly brutal, they make Full Metal Jacket seem like Carry On Vietnam. We talk to the director and his acclaimed (again) star Tom Hanks.

Primary Colors
John Travolta runs for President! As Jack Stanton, he's a Southern governor with one hand on the ladies and the other on the political ladder. Mmmmm, sounds familiar. Travolta and his co-stars Emma Thompson, Kathy Bates and Adrian Lester join Film Review for a picnic on the White House lawn.

Lethal Weapon 4
In it for the money? Is Mel Gibson really getting paid $35 million to return as Martin Riggs in one of Hollywood's most successful film series? He said he'd never appear again in Lethal Weapon Film Review investigates!

There's Something About Mary
Perhaps it's the most disgusting, horrifying and hilarious movie of 1998. But we're in love with Cameron Diaz no matter how much she grosses out. Mind you, in this Summer's big American sleeper hit she bewitches everyone, including real-life beau Matt Dillon. We talk to them both. Go to our five-star review here

Dr Dolittle
The version starring Rex Harrison marked the end of an era for big screen musicals, but with Eddie Murphy and Philip Schofield currently chatting with the creatures on stage and screen, we look back to 1967's Royal Film in our Call Sheet.

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