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Who said asteroids never strike twice? For the second time in four months, a very big rock is Earth-bound. We go into orbit with heroic riggers Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. For our five-star review, go here.. You can see trailers from Armageddon, The Avengers, Lost in Space and loads more summer blockbusters on a free enhanced CD with the summer Film Review Special - for details, click here.

The X-Files
Dana Scully gets caught up in the biggest conspiracy of them all… the movie industry. Ginger icon Gillian Anderson reveals the truth about The X-Files film Fight the Future.

The Avengers
Sean Connery, one of the true screen legends, tells us about playing a master villain for a change - Sir August De Wynter, megalomaniac weather-manipulator extraordinaire. Plus comedian Eddie Izzard, the silent-but-deadly henchman Bailey, picks his six (yes, six) favourite movies.

The Horse Whisperer
She used to dream about kissing Robert Redford, now Kristin Scott Thomas gets paid to do it. The stars chat about Redford’s latest critically acclaimed directorial effort.

You Only Live Twice
Well, we didn’t like to ask Sean about playing Bond. So, instead, we take a look back at the 1967 classic where Bond turned Japanese to track his arch-nemesis Blofeld.

To commemorate the 21st anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, we get all shook up about the King’s cinema career.

Plus • reviews of all the new cinema releases including Dr. Dolittle, and the re-released Adventures of Robin Hood • video reviews • news • your movie questions answered in Film Fax

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