Some people just can't get enough of Leonardo DiCaprio. Filling auditoriums with Titanic and The Man in the Iron Mask, appearing in thousands of magazines around the world, you might think that we had seen everything that there was to see about the 23-year-old superstar. US Playgirl editor Ceslie Armstrong apparently thought so. Taking umbrage at company plans to publish shots of a naked Leo, stating that publishing would be an invasion of privacy she promptly quit. At least, that's one side of the story - the other was that she was fired. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Leonardo filed a lawsuit against Playgirl magazine after finding out only a week before of the magazine's plans to publish the unauthorized photos in the July edition. The lawsuit states that publishing the pictures would be 'offensive and objectionable' and cause emotional distress. Leonardo must surely be hoping he's a little more successful than Brad Pitt who filed a lawsuit against Playgirl last year after unauthorized naked pictures of him were printed in the magazine. In that case the judge ordered the recall of the magazine from newsstands but it was too late - everyone who wanted a copy had already bought it. (By Terry Richards)

Gwyneth Paltrow is probably the only US actress who can successfully pull off a British accent. Her diction was flawless in both Emma and Sliding Doors - and now she's going for the triple with Shakespeare in Love, the $25 million Elizabethan romantic comedy currently being filmed at Shepperton Studios by director John Madden, who shot to fame with Mrs Brown. Gwyneth plays Viola who aspires to be an actress, a profession not considered seemly for a gentlewoman of the era, so she has to disguise herself as a man to get roles. Sounds like Tootsie in reverse!

Sharon Stone is considering re-prising her Basic Instinct role in a proposed sequel. The Sphere star said, "I've read the script and it's fabulous. I anticipated it being hideous and it's not. So now I'm in a quandary because I was all prepared for the hideous."

Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts is in London to play the lead in Notting Hill Gate, the sort-of follow-up to Four Weddings and a Funeral from producer Duncan Kenworthy. Hugh Grant is on hand once more as the owner of a second-hand bookstore in the London W11 area which suddenly becomes famous overnight when frequented by the world's biggest movie star, the part written for Roberts.

Now Terry Gilliam has finally finished his marvellous adaptation of Hunter S Thompson's American Nightmare pop culture bible Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and shown it in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, what's next for the quirky director? "I've got two projects on the boil," said Gilliam to Film Review. "One is a project about the mythical Minotaur which I wrote with Tony Grisoni (who scripted Jon Amiel's Queen of Hearts and Fear and Loathing). I call it my mini-skirted pagan epic! But the film I really want to make next is The Defective Detective, a marvellous fantasy by Richard La Graveneuse who wrote The Fisher King. It's in limbo because of a certain producer screwing around - and unless he stops sabotaging the project I will name him very soon."

20th Century Fox not only plan to take a musical version of The Full Monty to Broadway, but they're also talking about a sequel to their enormous 'Chippendales off the old block' British hit. Star Tom Wilkinson told Film Review, "I know they want to make a sequel but at this time it's impossible to think where the story could go. I'd consider appearing in a follow-up if the story was as great as the first one and wasn't just an opportunist cash-in. The Full Monty had a touch of magic about it and it's hard to imagine that we'd duplicate that or get the same combination again."
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