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Girls on Film!
We talk to the hottest young actresses making movie magic in Hollywood today.

The Wedding Singer
Drew Barrymore, the real star of ET, tells us about the advantages of surviving past the first reel to star in the new smash hit romantic comedy.

Deep Impact
Armageddon Out of Here… Téa Leoni contemplates feeling fine about the end of the world (as we know it) in the new disaster movie, the first of the summer’s blockbusters. Plus an interview with director Mimi Leder.

John Grisham's the Rainmaker
Claire Danes, who’s lucky enough to have snogged Leonardo DiCaprio, discusses her role alongside Matt Damon in the superb courtroom drama.

Amy Foster
Rachel Weisz, the British actress taking Hollywood by storm, on the darker side of lovelife in a new period romantic drama based on a Joseph Conrad story.

Wild Things
Denise, Denise, we're so in love with you… Denise Richards explains why it's good to play a bad Blue Bay bitch in the new thriller.

What's it all about? Find out as we take a look back at the 1966 classic which made Cockney charmer Michael Caine a superstar.

Plus • reviews of all the new cinema releases including Scream 2 and Sliding Doors • video reviews • news • your movie questions answered in Film Fax

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