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The Man in the Iron Mask
Might just be the most recognizable man in the world today. Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio on his latest dual and duelling role.

Scream 2
Look who's stalking too… Actresses Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox discuss starring in Wes Craven's latest Horror hit.

Great Expectations
And she's talented enough to fulfil them. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow proves she's more than Brad Pitt's ex.

Who won and who got that sinking feeling as Titanic swept the board at the 70th Academy Awards.

Director Oliver Stone explains why he's not turning back from making movies and discusses his latest darkly comic thriller.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Don't look back in anger as we revisit a 1960 British New Wave classic starring Albert Finney.

Plus My Son the Fanatic, reviews of all the new cinema releases including US Marshalls and Ulee's Gold, video reviews and news.

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