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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination Ltd 1998 - 2007
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Aug 2007 • ships from Jul 27 2007
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $7.95

132 packed pages

The Simpsons Movie
Springfield’s most famous residents have finally got their very own feature-length movie. We talk to…

Matt Groening
• The man who created The Simpsons gives us the low-down on the movie, and why the characters are still so popular after 20 years

Bart Simpson
• The world’s most famous 10-year-old on mischief, mayhem and why the Batmobile would be his co-star of choice

Lisa Simpson
• The cleverest Simpson gives us a piece of her mind and reveals all about the time her dad was outwitted by a can opener

Dan Castellaneta
• The man behind the most recognizable voice on Earth tells us why after all these years he’s still happy to be Homer

TransformerTransformers Set Visit!
• We strap on a hardhat and risk life and limb on the set of Michael Bay’s robot demolition derby where the director tells us how he turned a bunch of toys into the coolest action heroes of the summer.
Star Shia LaBeouf on why he’s a Transformers geek at heart

The carSpeed Racer
Set Visit!

• We head to the Berlin set as production begins on the Wachowski Brothers’ new high speed special effects extravaganza

Elephant and EvanEvan Almighty
• Funnyman Steve Carell and director Tom Shadyac tell us how they went 2-by-2 into the most expensive comedy movie yet and managed to build a modern-day replica of Noah’s Ark

• Stars John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer on camping it up a treat in this remake of John Waters’s over-the-top kitsch classic and the important message the film contains

Pierce Brosnan
• The ex-007 heads for the hills in new Western Seraphim Falls and tells us why he’s glad he left James Bond behind

Surf’s Up
• Jon Heder and Jeff Bridges on giving surfing penguins a voice in their radical new animated movie

• Keri Russell chats about the true-life tragedy behind her indie romantic comedy and why she’s enjoyed growing up on screen

• Star Maggie Gyllenhaal and director Laurie Collyer on their hard-hitting drama that follows a mother struggling to go straight after her release from prison

Director’s Chair: Paul Schrader
• The angsty film-maker, who famously penned classic movie Taxi Driver, discusses his latest character study, The Walker

Now on DVD: Ed Norton
• The acclaimed actor has some tricks up his sleeve in new DVD The Illusionist


The Bigger Picture
• We get an early look at forthcoming movies Michael Clayton, Penelope and Halloween

Vox Pops
• We ask our American correspondents which movies they’ve been enjoying lately

1-star film Our reviews section! 5-star film
What Film Review is all about!
14 packed pages bringing you the next four weeks of releases!

New Movies! 31 new releases –
including the above as well as...

  • Hostel 2
    Sequel to the controversial gore soaked shocker
  • Ghosts of Cité Soleil
    Hard-hitting documentary about street violence in Haiti
  • The Hoax
    Richard Gere attempts to pull the wool over our eyes

Home Entertainment
9 pages of DVDs, books, cds and games…

  • Our DVD section has all the latest movies heading for the home market, including Eddie Murphy comedy Norbit, Jim Carrey chiller The Number 23 and Orlando Bloom’s Cayman Islands drama Haven

  • In our books section American Gothic traces the history of Horror cinema in the States

  • We playtest the Shrek the Third and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer video games

  • The classic score to The Sea Hawk sweeps us off our feet


  • 15 pages of the latest film news

  • Competitions
    To celebrate the release of what will no doubt be the comedy film of the year, The Simpsons Movie, we have got an absolute treat for fans of Springfield’s favourite family. We’re giving away a film cell signed by none other than The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, as well as a goody bag stuffed with Simpsons swag.
    And that’s not all as four runners up will also get a The Simpsons film cell with a goody bag. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer an easy-peasy The Simpsons-related question

    As always we’ve got plenty of movie swag to give away this month, including:
    • 10 DVD Copies of Haven in our crossword competition
    • 10 DVD copies of The Illusionist to anyone who gets a letter published in our letters pages

    And in our movie question competitions:
    • 10 DVD copies of The Number 23
    • 10 DVD copies of Premonition Plus
    5 DVD copies of the Flags of our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima boxsets

    (comps will be open until September 11)

  • Film Facts
    All your cinematic questions answered by our resident expert.

  • Next Issue
    We take a look at the biggest upcoming releases, including the return of Matt Damon’s amnesiac secret agent in The Bourne Ultimatum, John Cusack’s new chiller 1408 and Scottish drama Hallam Foe Next Issue

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal Pictures

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2007. Not for reproduction

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