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Feature: Superman Returns

On his way…

Film Review crashes the set of Bryan Singer’s new movie, talks to all of the stars…

“People say Christopher Reeve is their Superman,” declares Brandon Routh. “Well, he’s my Superman as well.” There is certainly a lot of pressure riding on the red cape tails of Superman Returns. Even now, the image of Christopher Reeve looms large, but the young actor playing Superman this time around is enjoying the comparisons and using them to his advantage. “That’s what I watched growing up,” he explains. “I only watched the film once before my screen test to get the story again [and] to make sure I was up to snuff on the character. People ask me what’s different between my Superman and Chris’s Superman. We’re different people, that’s the difference. There’s no need to change anything that Chris did, because Superman doesn’t have a big range, insofar as he can’t be crazy, he can’t be too boastful, he can’t be too weak. Chris did that amazingly well, there’s really nothing there I can improve on aside from bringing my energy to the table. Bryan says sometimes I’m eerily like Chris and then sometimes I’m myself. I know the [original] movie pretty well and some of ours lines echo that film. I’m not mimicking him but it comes with the character, when you’re in touch with it, it’s what he exudes. Its definitely built of his character because I’ve seen it, how could I not? Part of him is in this because I’ve seen his amazing performance.”

When Film Review heads to Sydney, Australia to visit Fox Studios and the set of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns the cast and crew’s love of Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman: The Movie certainly seems to be a heartfelt inspiration rather than a superhero albatross. Singer, a self-confessed comic book fan and Superman fanatic, is happy to discuss every aspect of the film, even down to the all-important ‘S’ on Superman’s costume. “It is an ‘S’ that’s undeniable,” he discusses excitedly. “Perhaps that’s why Lois, in the first film, subconsciously said, ‘Oh, what a Superman,’ but ultimately no, it’s a crest of his Kryptonian family which he discovers in this movie; how important his family was. I looked at the original Superman suit in person and it was a different time, you could get away with different things. Fortunately they had Christopher Reeve, who was so great he transcended what could have been an awkward costume. Here we do our best to be original and respectful. I tell people who’ve seen the photo we released, ‘I guarantee that if you came on set and met Brandon standing there in the suit you would think it’s Superman’. It’s surreal. People and friends come and see him and they freak out, they don’t know how to talk to him!”

by David Brown

Read the full interview, and more, in
Film Review (Jul)

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Film Review (Jul)
#672, July 2006
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