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Feature: The Matrix Revolutions

What Happens Next?

A lot of Matrix

Whether you loved it or hated it, you probably came out of the cinema after staring goggle-eyed at The Matrix Reloaded champing at the bit for The Matrix Revolutions with one question on your lips…

The Matrix Reloaded, quite rightly perhaps, posed more questions than it really answered, and the Internet hobbits have been sitting in their holes for months, cogitating, conferencing and conflabbing on that one vital question: what happens next? Will we, as Morpheus posed in Reloaded, discover the very nature of our existence (like we were supposed to… erm… find out last time)? Will the city of Zion decide to have another chunky-knit rave as impending demise is but minutes away? Will the Merovingian in fact wipe his backside with silk? And will Agent Smith decide it’s just not worth it when he gets the dry cleaning bill from all those copies he made?

The splattery stuff was hitting the fan the last time we saw our heroes. Neo met God (or a man in a white suit who should have been played by Sean Connery or Donald Sutherland), brought Trinity back to life and became even more of a superhero, while Agent Smith has infected one of the humans in the real world, just as the machines are about to reach Zion.

This incursion by Agent Smith into the ‘real world’ provides the first clue in what we may expect from the third instalment. While Smith may cause more creative havoc by sending Morpheus a funny e-mail of a comedy dog (just look at that manic laugh he has in the trailer – you know he wants to), it seems likely that the world of Zion will be revealed as just another extension of the Matrix. If Agent Smith is a program, an avatar, how is it that he can ‘infect’ an organic being in the real world… unless that contaminated being were simply another avatar within the same computer-generated world.

And what of Neo’s further evolution as a rocket-assed superhero? He can cause all sorts of mayhem to the machines in the real world as witnessed by his destruction of the metal meanies at the close of the movie. How? Well, he eats some cookies provided by the Oracle, and during his tonsil-tennis session with Persephone, Matrix coding can be subtly heard. Through these two actions have other programs upgraded Neo’s avatar in someway? But surely a Human’s evolution within the Matrix can only be effective within that world? Unless of course… It’s all starting to make sense now, isn’t it? Whether this means we’ll end up with an open-ended film where the question ‘What is reality?’ is still in the air, but the Brothers Wachowski better have one way tickets to Siberia if they do. But surely they know better than that?

by Mark Wright

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#637, November 2003
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