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Feb 2002 • ships from Dec 21 • UK £3.00/US $7.95

Film Review Feb 2002, Vanilla Sky (Cruise & Cruz) cover. To order, see below or click here!.VI Direct. Click to buy.
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Vanilla Sky
• The name's Cruise, Tom Cruise. After taking on Bond at his own game in the Mission: Impossible films, the world's biggest star comes back to serious drama, starring opposite Penélope Cruz, and under the watchful eye of Cameron Crowe. He talks to us about his hopes for the future, and what he wants out of life.

Film of the Month: The Last CastleRobert Redford in The Last Castle
• Hollywood iconoclast Robert Redford stars in a gripping tale of a four-star general sentenced to prison - under a junior officer. The inmates must decide whose authority to respect or have the decision made for them - in war!

Robbie WilliamsNobody Someday
• Robbie Williams - The Movie? Yes, but this captivating, insightful documentary is no Glitter. We talk to director Brian Hill about filming the life of a talented, controversial, double chart-topping star

Mulholland Drive's Laura Elena HarringMulholland Drive
• The ever-distinctive David Lynch is back with another piece of macabre movie madness. He explains how his attitudes have changed, and how a failed tv pilot might well be up for an Oscar…

Ian McKellen as GandalfThe Lord of the Rings
• Three months of coverage isn't too much for possibly the best film this side of Middle-earth. Ian McKellen, aka Gandalf the Grey, speaks on the film, his role, and how it might change his life…

Black Hawk Down
• One of the most successful and respected directors working today, Ridley Scott explains what drove him to recreate a disastrously failed US army operation in Somalia, how he dealt with the technical challenges he faced, and how to mount a full-scale war for the cameras

Reviews - your every film need catered for!

More than 30 pages in all, covering:

 January Movies:
24 brand spanking new releases, including the above as well as...


 Our diligent section At a Cinema Near You gives you the lowdown on more than 50 films still showing in the UK at presstime

 Waking Life - Animation takes big steps forwards, and backwards, with the latest from Richard Linklater, a drama in which every frame has been painstakingly 'cartoonified'. Yes, that's a technical term.

 19 pages of Home Entertainment – reviewing the latest videos, books, CDs, DVDs... including The Dish, The Wizard of Oz, Evolution and Bridget Jones's Diary!

 Beauty and the Beast - the Disney classic is back, and it's bigger than ever before with an Imax re-release, making it a stupendous viewing experience even before we get round to mentioning the added material…

 Forthcoming Attractions:
Just enough info on next month's releases to get you so excited you can barely speak...
including CGI Box Office mauler Monsters Inc, Johnny Depp on the trial of Jack the Ripper in From Hell and Russell Crowe swapping swords for being a maths genius in A Beautiful Mind

 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
- It's big, it's beautiful, and chances are, er, you've seen it by now. But what did you think? And do you agree with our reviewer?

  • Despatches:
    Seven pages of the hottest movie news, including items on Christina Ricci, Halle Berry in the next Bond movie, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kirk and Michael Douglas' onscreen family reunion, while David Cronenberg dishes the dirt on why he won't be helming Basic Instinct 2
  • Brits at the Back: Last Orders
    Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins and Michael Caine wax lyrical about their turns in the adaptation of Graham Swift's Booker Prize-winning novel
  • Call Sheet: Beauty & the Beast
    A whopping great feature looks into the making of the animation spectacular with a level of detail which is probably best described as "somewhat obsessive"
  • Competitions
    Win a fantastic selection of prizes, including a PlayStation 2, a portable DVD player and much, much more!
  • The Best Seat in the House: James Cameron-Wilson lists his top films of 2001, and celebrates the best that the acting profession has to offer! He also impresses us all by conjuring up more movie trivia at your command in Film Facts. God bless us every one, Tiny Jim!

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