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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
• Harry Potter himself, alias actor Daniel Radcliffe, weaves his spell over Film Review as he discusses the filming of the guaranteed blockbuster, his relationship with author J K Rowling and his fellow cast members, his love of Quidditch and his hopes for the sequel

Nicole Kidman in The OthersFilm of the Month: The Others
• Nicole Kidman does it again! After dazzling us in Moulin Rouge, this time the versatile actress does it by scaring the willies out of us… Nicole talks about a dramatic shift in roles

Marlon Brando as Kurtz in Apocalypse NowApocalypse Now: Redux
• Francis Ford Coppola has returned to what is, for many, the ultimate war film and re-edited it from scratch. He tells us why, and how, and recalls one of cinema's most infamous shoots

Behind The Scenes features...Cate Blanchett in Bandits, review online
Bandits with Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett (review online), The Spy Game with Redford on reteaming with Pitt; Heist with Gene Hackman on Mamet; and Gabriel & Me with Sean Landless

• Multi-talented pop diva Mariah Carey on why it took her so long to make the jump from music studio to silver screen, and how playing an up-and-coming pop star was, in fact, a real acting stretch for her. No, really...

Reviews - your every film need catered for!

More than 30 pages in all, covering:

 November Movies:
24 brand new genre-spanning releases, including just about all those above. Nobody's seen Harry Potter yet...


 Our diligent section At a Cinema Near You gives you the lowdown on more than 50 films still showing in the UK at presstime

 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - The dope-addled duo race, or amble, to Hollywood to wreak their revenge on an unscrupulous film producer who's making a film based on them

 16 pages of Home Entertainment – reviewing the latest videos, books, CDs, DVDs... including the classic original Planet of the Apes, Disney's Snow White, Cast Away and The Mummy Returns!

 Me Without You - Anna Friel and Michelle Dawson's Creek Williams star in a coming-of-age tale of two girls who find themselves becoming so emotionally entangled they can't see the wood for the trees

 Forthcoming Attractions:
Whet your appetite for the best of December's new movies including the only serious challenger to Star Wars' undisputed cinematic dominanace since 1977, The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring! Also, Richard Linklater's painted-on adult drama Waking Life, Samuel Jackson in Brit crime thriller The 51st State, Julie Andrews comes full circle in The Princess Diaries and Mark Wahlberg fakes it to the max in Rock Star

 Strictly Sinatra - Ian Hart is cruelly forced by the Scottish Mafia to sing Elvis covers - the fiends! But, on the plus side, one of his new-found Scotia Nostra buddies actually knew Ol' Blue Eyes back in the day…

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Call Sheet: Oliver Twist
• Not to be confused with the Sixties musical, we take a look at legendary director David Lean's classic, and controversial, 1948 film adaptation of the Dickens classic. Featuring interviews with Artful Dodger Anthony Newley, cinematographer Guy Green and producers Ronald Neame and Sir Anthony Havelock-Allan

  • Despatches:
    Eight pages of the hottest movie news, including items on Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan, Austin Powers and Michael Caine, while Steven Soderbergh takes on the Belgian monarchy. Yes, you read that right…
  • Brit at the Back:
    Trainspotting's Kelly MacDonald talks about her role in Strictly Sinatra, and waxes lyrical about co-star Ian Hart's silky smooth tones…
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  • The Best Seat in the House:
    James Cameron-Wilson sticks last summer's movies in the dock and judges them guilty of being, well, not much cop, frankly, and goes on to answer those niggly movie trivia questions that have been bugging you for years in Film Facts

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