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November 2001

Elle goes SW7 • Italian film role for supermodel McPherson

Elle McPherson at the Batman premiereTop comedy director Carlo Vanzina was in London during the summer shooting the frothy romance South Kensington — to all intents and purposes Notting Hill Italian style. Supermodel-turned-actress-turned-Friends regular Elle Macpherson plays the outrageous socialite heiress Lady Camilla Fox. I caught up with the gorgeous Elle during a glamorous wedding reception scene in Knightsbridge. "I’ve always wanted to make a movie in London" said Elle "It was perfect for me. Am I playing a thinly-veiled member of the British Royal entourage? Well, I don’t think I am but what Carlo wants the public to think is another matter. If I’ve made Camilla human, believable and genuine under the rich, frivolous and outrageous image she superficially presents to the world then I’ve done my job.”

Her impulsive acceptance of the role did cause the Batman and Robin star to overlook one important detail. She laughs, “The fact that the entire film was going to be in Italian completely passed me by in the euphoria of being offered such a juicy role! I thought I was going to be speaking English with a slight Italian accent... I did relax a little when Carlo told me to bear in mind that I while I was speaking in Italian, because I was playing an English Rose type living in London, a few mistakes would be charmingly in character...”

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Diamond role for Gibson • Skeleton’s out of the closet!

Mel Gibson Mel Gibson and his Icon Productions partner Bruce Davey have acquired the project Skeleton’s Coast for Ronin director John Frankenheimer. Scripted by the writing team of Christian Gudegast and Paul Scheuring, the action adventure is set against the backdrop of a diamond heist in Africa although it’s not certain if the project was acquired as a starring vehicle for Gibson. Gudegast and Scheuring also wrote the screenplay for New Line Cinema’s Diablo, a crime thriller starring Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate about two undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents pursuing a mysterious drug cartel boss.

No resting on her Laurel • Frances McDormand goes to pot

Frances McDormand in FargoFargo Academy Award-winning actress Frances McDormand will star in Laurel Canyon, a family drama that has also attracted the attention of Christian Bale. Set in Los Angeles, the movie focuses on a strait-laced young man who, after completing medical school back East, decides to return to his now-vacant childhood home with his bride-to-be in tow. Much to his chagrin, he finds his pot-smoking, record-producing mother (played by McDormand) still living in the house. Initially, he feels contempt for her lifestyle, but when his snobbish fiancée is seduced by the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, mother and son attempt reconciliation.

Lisa (High Art) Cholodenko will direct from her own script that has been in development for over four years.

Aykroyd Calls It Quits • But is it goodbye forever?

Dan Aykroyd - not sedentary here Dan Aykroyd says that he is planning to retire. He has already moved out of Hollywood and is now planning his exit from film-making. “I’d like to find and choose the last vehicle and exit on a really high, graceful, substantial note in film,” he said. Aykroyd did not indicate when he planned to call it quits, and suggested that his retirement from Hollywood may not be permanent. “I don’t feel compelled and driven, career-wise. At 49 years old, I’m really feeling sedentary, reclusive. I really just want to just shut everything down for a while.”

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