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Final Fantasy - feature online
• We reveal the truth behind the technological wizardry that lead to the most lifelike animation ever seen, going behind-the-scenes with director Hironobu Sakagushi and the voice of cover-girl Dr. Aki - ER's Ming-Na. Will actors really soon be collecting their P45s in droves?

Film of the Month: A Knight's Tale
Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale
• Mediaeval madness aplenty as Heath Ledger teams up with Paul Bettany's Geoff Chaucer to woo the women, confound the aristocracy and whack people with big sticks! We hear from Bettany and nasty Rufus Sewell

Mark Wahlberg in Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes
• Former underwear model Mark Wahlberg forsakes a loincloth in favour of Astro-fatigues as he does battle with Tim Burton's Apes and gets cosy with a simian Helena Bonham Carter

James Nesbitt and Olivia Williams in Lucky BreakLucky Break - review online
Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo cast Cold Feet's James Nesbitt and Olivia Williams in this Ealing-style comedy - they explain how a musical staged in prison gives cover for a big screen break

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigurney WeaverHeartbreakers
• Jennifer Love Hewitt gives us her thoughts on the less fair of the sexes, and reveals how her on-screen relationship with Sigourney Weaver was echoed in real life

Call Sheet: Battle of Britain
• We line up this neglected gem of British Cinema in our sights, charting its troubled progress from the vaguest of ideas to a star-studded spectacular, which saw the production becoming the 35th biggest air power on Earth!

Reviews - your every film need catered for!
More than 30 pages in all, covering:
 August Movies:
Over 25 New Releases reviewed - and a more eclectic bunch you'd be hard pushed to find...
   Our diligent section At a Cinema Near You gives you the lowdown on more than 50 films still showing in the UK at presstime
 The Parole Officer - Steve Coogan (TV's Alan Partridge) makes his starring movie debut as the eponymous character who is forced to resort to a life of crime in order to clear his name…

 Plus 16 pages of Home Entertainment – Reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs, DVDs, websites and more, including Hannibal, Chocolat...

 Cats and Dogs - The longest-running war on Earth is taking place even now, right under our noses. All that stands between world feline domination and us is man's best friend…

... and Silence of the Lambs, the original Psycho and Chariots of Fire on DVD, Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies, and nine Satellite Highlights for August

 What's Cooking? – Four quite different families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, but although united in a seasonal passion for turkey there's something else they share…
 Crocodile Dundee in LA – Oh, puh-leese!
 Forthcoming Attractions:
Whet your appetite for the best of September's new movies including
A I: Artificial Intelligence, Moulin Rouge, Enigma and Jet Li's latest, Kiss of the Dragon
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  • Despatches:
    Seven pages of the hottest movie news, including items on Brad Pitt, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pierce Brosnan and Guy Ritchie…
  • Brit at the Back:
    Joe Tucker, actor-turned-director tells us all about the way in which his work with Mike Leigh has influenced his approach with his directorial debut, the forthcoming Lava
  • Tribute: Jack Lemmon
    • Recalling the well respected actor, who oddly passed away in July
  • Competitions
    Win a truly fantastic selection of prizes: Vertical Limit on DVD plus a player to play it with, Hannibal on DVD, plus a truly massive widescreen TV and DVD player and much more! You can now enter our competitions by phone, e-mail or postcard (UK callers only – sorry).
  • The Best Seat in the House:
    James Cameron-Wilson has another pop at Robert De Niro, arguing it's way past time he called it a day, and then answers all your questions in Film Facts

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