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September 2001

Brad Goes On the Road • Kerouac classic set for the big screen

Brad Pitt: going On the Road?Francis Ford Coppola is set to turn the classic Beat Generation novel On the Road into a movie. The hipster bible was written by Jack Kerouac in 1950, but has never been made into a film although director John Byrum did make a loose biography about the writer in the 1979 movie Heart Beat starring Nick Nolte. Coppola bought the film rights to the book some years ago but has only just found a suitable director in Joel Schumacher.

Brad Pitt is being wooed to play the main role of Dean Moriarty, who was based on real-life Beatnik, car thief and Kerouac’s lust object Neal Cassady. With renewed interest in the works of the Fifties Beat Generation, including writer William Burroughs and poet Allen Ginsberg, the timing seems perfect!

Cut from the same cloth • Jackie and Jennifer get smart

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Audrey HepbuenJennifer Love Hewitt will star opposite Jackie Chan in the Asian stunt hero’s new action-comedy The Tuxedo for commercials director Kevin Donovan who is making his feature début on the project. Hewitt, seen most recently in Heartbreakers and in a leading role opposite Anthony Hopkins in Alec Baldwin’s directorial début The Devil and Daniel Webster, will play a government agent who is paired with bumbling spy Chan, the inventor of a tuxedo that helps him fight the bad guys.

The project is expected to launch a franchise for studio producers DreamWorks. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, who co-wrote the Kirsten Dunst film crazy/beautiful, penned the script for The Tuxedo, which starts shooting in Toronto this September.

• Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about making Heartbreakers in this issue

Madonna & Guy • Ritchie puts his foot down

Guy Ritchie Guy Ritchie, the director of Lock, Stock… and Snatch, will not be working with his mega-famous wife Madonna for a few years yet. Brushing aside allegations that he’s capitalizing on Madonna’s fame, he has revealed he really wants to work with her. “I would like to work together with her and will do it some day,” he said. “My wife is a talented actress but also has a mind of her own, and a director would have to know how to lead her.

"Luckily I know her really well and I think that would help. Ritchie scotches all rumours that Madonna would be the star of his next film. “It’s complete nonsense. My next film is about the siege of Malta. It’s a war film and it’s quite a hard number. No room for women, not even for the missus.”

Pierce BrosnanOld & New Bond
So now that it appears the James Bond producers have stopped their search and have snagged Pierce Brosnan for the next few 007 adventures, it looks like they have already found their next Bond girl. Because Eon wants a real knock out babe this time, they’ve asked world champion boxer Daisy Lang to audition for the role.

Bulgarian by birth, the blonde belter, who has already starred with the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme and Mel Gibson, now lives in Germany where Bond producers begged her to try out for the role as the latest love match for the British spy. The International Boxing Federation Junior Bantamweight World Champion is nicknamed ‘The Lady’ in Germany, where her good looks have stunned boxing fans. Lang said, “This casting’s like a title fight for me. If it works, then it’s a dream come true and I’ve been dreaming about Pierce Brosnan for a long time.”

Action producer David Varot says the boxer herself is a Hollywood dream. “Daisy has the makings of a real action star. She’s got everything it takes: talent, good looks and the necessary sparkle.”

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