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August 2001

The Luck of the Irish
COLIN FARRELL in TigerlandCOLIN FARRELL cannot believe his Hollywood success. The Irish sensation starred in Tigerland, recently finished the thriller Phone Booth and is currently filming Hart’s War in Prague opposite Bruce Willis. The Ballykissangel discovery says, “I never planned anything or mapped anything out for a single second. I’ve just been really, really lucky. I haven’t had a big film released in America. Maybe when I do they’ll tell me to f*** off back home.”

About starring with Bruce Willis, Farrell says, “I grew up watching Die Hard, so it’s mad to be sitting opposite him in a room. It’s unreal. And then you do the first scene and he fluffs a line! It’s been really interesting. He gave me advice, telling me to stick to my own guns and not to take it too seriously.”

Valley Girl
Catherine Zeta-JonesCatherine Zeta-Jones is returning to Wales to produce Coming Out, a comedy about a Welsh rugby club to be directed by Sara (Very Annie Mary) Sugarman. Catherine feels passionately about maintaining her ties with Wales and said, “I think Wales has immense talent both in front of and behind the camera and I am excited about the prospects of this film, which has a charming script and will be directed by one of our most interesting directors.”.

Stone returns toVietnam
Oliver StoneOLIVER STONE will write and direct Spite House based on the non-fiction book by Monika Jensen-Stevenson. In 1965, 10 days before he was due to go home, marine Bobby Garwood was sent by a captain assigned to a military intelligence unit to pick up an officer. His orders were to drive the officer to an airstrip and return to base. Garwood didn’t return and it would be 14 years before he would reach home...

While the original script, titled The Hunted by Paul (Donnie Brasco) Attanasio, focused on a repentant colonel who was part of the elite group of commandos told to hunt and kill Garwood behind enemy lines, Stone is focusing more on Garwood’s personal trials both in Vietnam and at his court martial.

The Poet McGregor“I wandered lonely as a Cloud City…?”
Ewan McGregor EWAN MCGREGOR has been writing poetry but he’s determined no one will ever get to read it. The Scottish star says that he discovered his poetic side while filming the musical extravaganza Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman and, once he started, he just couldn’t stop. McGregor says, “I do write a wee bit of poetry now and then. I had a typewriter to practise for the movie in my trailer. So I wrote a lot of nonsense”. But he’s determined he won’t be joining the ranks of published celebrity writers anytime soon. McGregor adds, “They’re in a book in my house and there they will remain”. McGregor will next star in David McKenzie’s Young Adam, an adaptation of Scottish beat writer Alexander Trocchi’s 1954 thriller...

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