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Miss Congeniality – Film of the Month
• After a few near misses, it looks like Sandra Bullock's finally got another hit on her hands. The star of the comedy about an FBI Agent turned Beauty Queen tells us about Speed, stardom and swimsuit sequences!

• As the fêted novel gets a cinematic makeover, Juliette Binoche reveals the secrets behind the choccy trade, and how she's determined to make her own career decisions. Excerpts online!

The GiftThe Gift
• From Superhero to super-schmuck. Keanu Reeves tells us what prompted him to take on the role of a wife-beater in this supernatural thriller from the Evil Dead's director, Sam Raimi

13 DaysThirteen Days
• Star Kevin Costner and director Roger Donaldson with the inside track on just how close the world came to being vaporised in 1962, and how this shocking tale made it to the big screen

Proof of Life
• Meg Ryan gives us the low-down on the real-life dangers behind the filming of this kidnapping thriller, including volcanoes, killings, stabbings, an on-set heart attack, and her relationship with Russell Crowe

Best In Show (review online)
• From the masters of the mockumentary, a brilliant exposé of the murky intrigue and personality clashes behind canine competitions. This is Spinal Tap's Christopher Guest and Michael McKean tell us how much they look like their dogs

Enemy at the Gates
• Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz reveal how the gruelling conditions on location for this WWII drama reflected those endured by the real life individuals who they were playing

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40 pages in all, covering:
 March Movies:
A bumper crop this month, with Hannibal reviewed, plus 30 March releases: all the above, and...
   Our diligent section At a Cinema Near You gives you the lowdown on more than 40 films still showing in the UK
 The Terminator – The legend-making movie gets a welcome re-release to tie in with its DVD, as Arnie proves he'll be back!

 Plus 16 pages of Home Entertainment – - Reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs, DVDs, websites and more...

 Men of Honor – Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr star in a tale of overcoming prejudice in the US military  plus four extra VHS / DVD features:
  • Bryan Singer on the DVD of X-Men
  • Robert Zemeckis on What Lies Beneath
  • George Clooney on the Coens' O, Brother...
  • ... and Renee Zellweger on the Farrellys' Me, Myself & Irene
  •  Brother – Cult director 'Beat' Takeshi stars in his new thriller set in the criminal underworlds of Japan and America
     Last Resort – A Russian bride-to-be is deserted in the UK. Read the review of this BAFTA-winner at Planet Britain
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    • Despatches:
      Seven pages of the hottest movie news, in our new-look section, with news on Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, John Cusack and Jude Law
    • Call Sheet: Great Expectations
      • An in depth look at the creation of the David Lean classic, featuring interviews with screen legend Sir John Mills, writer-producer Ronald Neame and more
    • Still Life: Casablanca
      • Bogart, Bergman, Peter Lorre contemplating a crime... Whatever happened to the regulars in Rick's bar?
    • Brit at the Back:
      's Sir Anthony Hopkins tells us exactly what he thinks of his craft. Read the feature at Planet Britain
    • Competitions
      Win a selection of great prizes in this issue, including a fantastic DVD player! You can now enter our competitions by phone, e-mail or postcard (UK callers only – sorry).
    • The Best Seat in the House
      James Cameron-Wilson answers all your movie questions in Film Facts, and spills the beans on the London Film Critic's Circle Awards.
    • Forthcoming Attractions:
      Whet your appetite for the best of April's new movies including Bridget Jones' Diary, The Wedding Planner and Rugrats in Paris

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