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February 2001
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The band plays onAlicia Silverstone
Peter O’Toole, Joan Plowright, Alicia Silverstone and Keram Malicki- Sanchez are the stars of Global Heresy, shooting in Toronto with director Sidney J Furie at the helm. Written by Mark Mills, the comedy drama is about a rock band called Global Heresy that bursts onto the scene to great success. But when the band’s lead singer and founder, Ben Gould, disappears, the band takes a week to regroup at an English manor run by Lord and Lady Foxley (O’Toole and Plowright) before their big European tour. (Shades of Almost Famous - Web Ed)

A woman (Silverstone) is hired to replace the leader, and when things begin to gel, Gould returns, and the group finds out his disappearance was a publicity stunt. Malicki-Sanchez (soon to be seen in Disney’s At Seventeen) plays Flit, the edgiest member of the band who was closest to Gould and takes his absence hard. Flit resents the new sexy band member while falling for her. In addition, Lochlyn Munro (from Scary Movie) plays Dave, the band’s drummer.

McG Sinks!
Hot from Charlie’s Angels, mysterious director McG (real name Joseph McGinty Nichol) will next helm the big-budget action-thriller Dreadnought being described as a David and Goliath duel at sea that pits a relentless captain against his commanding officer on the most high-tech warship ever created.

Eliza’s all at Sea
Eliza Dushku: reunitedEliza Dushku, who made heads turn in Bring It On, will star with Robert De Niro and James Franco in director Michael Caton-Jones’ City by the Sea. Based on the true story of a police officer (De Niro) investigating a murder only to discover that his son (Franco) is the killer, the drama reunites Dushku, De Niro and Caton-Jones who all worked together on This Boy’s Life in 1993.

Dushku will play Gina, a struggling alcoholic and the sometimes girlfriend of Franco and mother of their son. Written by Ken Hixon, the project originates from a story written in Esquire magazine by Mike McAlary about Vincent Lamarca, a New York detective whose father was executed during the 1950s for kidnapping a child. Lamarca grew up to be a cop, only to see his own son become a murderer.

Jenny Agutter, rail operatorAgutter’s in charge
British actress Jenny Agutter is becoming a producer and her first project will revisit her greatest triumph. The 47-year-old star will produce a new film about E Nesbit, the author of The Railway Children, in which Agutter famously starred as a young actress in 1967. While she hasn’t ruled out appearing in the movie herself, she says, “I’ll certainly be wearing my producer’s hat — as for acting, I’ll have to decide whether I’ll be asset to the eventual production. After all, E Nesbit was in her mid-forties at the time we’re writing about her.”

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