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January 2001
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The Billy Fury Story Ewen McGregor
Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor is to star in a new movie about British pop pioneer Billy Fury. The film biography will chart the life of the Liverpool tugboat deckhand who became a pop icon in the early 1960s with hits such as Halfway to Paradise, Jealousy and A Thousand Stars. After a succession of hits, Fury disappeared from the limelight because of illness and died of a heart attack aged 43 while trying to resurrect his career. Also starring in the film will be McGregor's uncle and mentor Denis Lawson who had a small part in the first Star Wars film. "We should be shooting it next summer and Denis and I will be acting together," said McGregor.

Jay RoachDo the Roach!
As Meet the Parents director Jay Roach decides whether to make a sequel to that hit comedy or a third Austin Powers adventure, the film he will definitely make next is the romantic comedy 50 First Kisses, the tale of a man who falls in love with a woman whose short term memory disorder requires him to make her fall in love each day.

Liz listens to offers
Bedazzling Liz Hurley Elizabeth Hurley may have attracted bad press recently for contravening the actor's strike, but that hasn't stopped offers rolling in for the Bedazzled star. She's just signed up for Servicing Sarah opposite Matthew Perry, as a divorcee who embarks on a road trip from the Big Apple to the Lone Star State with her attorney. The script was written by Spin City's Jay Scherick and David Ronn and Seinfeld's Carol Leifer and Chuck Martin.

Another Ripley movieJohn Malkovich, being Ripley soon.
John Malkovich and Dougray Scott will co-star in Ripley's Game for Italian director Liliana Cavani. Based on the third novel in Patricia Highsmith's 'Ripley' series (The Talented Mr Ripley was adapted from the first), the film picks up the character's life in Paris a couple of decades later. Now married, and wealthy from all his criminal activities, Ripley is in need of an assassin to kill two rivals and enters a Faustian pact with a stricken picture-framer who needs the money for his family.

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