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November 2000
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Roberts’ sweetheart – This is going to be huge!Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts, John Cusack and Billy Crystal will star in the comedy America’s Sweethearts with Catherine Zeta-Jones set to play a lead role. Written by Crystal and Analyse This scriptwriter Peter Tolan, the story revolves around a married movie star couple (Cusack and Zeta-Jones) who have to promote a film they’ve made together even though their marriage is over and they loathe one another. The publicist (Crystal) for the film tries to salvage a press junket by perpetrating the ruse that they’ve patched things up. In fact, the male star is in love with his wife’s sister, a former flesh mountain who’s slimmed down (Roberts).

More from Betty scribeNurse Betty
John C Richards, who wrote the exquisite Nurse Betty, will adapt Ernst Lubitsch’s classic 1932 romantic farce Trouble in Paradise for Universal. It follows the exploits of a pair of romantically linked con artists who try to swindle a wealthy widow. When the dowager turns out to be cleverer than the duo anticipated, the con man ends up in the middle of a love triangle with his partner and his former target.

Jim CarreyCarrey in two minds again
Jim Carrey will star in director Frank (Green Mile) Darabont’s Capra-esque romantic comedy The Bijou for Castle Rock Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Carrey will play a blacklisted writer who loses his memory after a car accident and finds a new home in a small town where he’s mistaken for a dead soldier.

Affleck goes AskewBen Affleck in Shakespeare in Love
Ben Affleck and Jason Lee are in discussions with director Kevin (Dogma) Smith to star in his next project. Currently sporting the working title View Askew 5 (it’s Smith’s fifth production), the picture is expected to be the last of Smith’s New Jersey cycle that features Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith). The film is will also feature Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson, best known for their roles as the leads in Smith’s 1994 feature début Clerks.

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