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November 2000
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Coen SwimminglyPitt's all at Sea

Brad PittBrad Pitt will star in Joel and Ethan Coen’s To the White Sea once he wraps Ocean’s 11. To be shot entirely on location in Japan, the screenplay is based on the James Dickey novel adapted by David Webb Peoples of Unforgiven and Blade Runner fame. The last Dickey novel put on screen was the controversial and powerful Deliverance in 1972. To the White Sea tells the story of a tail-gunner during World War II who, after the bombing of Tokyo, finds himself stranded in Japan and is forced to embark on an epic journey through Asia to find a way home.

The Coen brothers have been planning the picture since 1996 but it only became a reality when London-based producer Jeremy (The Last Emperor) Thomas climbed on board.

On The Road • Tom Hanks is out for revenge

Tom Hanks Academy Award winners Tom Hanks and American Beauty director Sam Mendes are teaming up to make The Road to Perdition. Based on writer Max Allan Collins’ and illustrator Richard Piers Rayner’s serial mystery comic strip novel for DC Comics, the 1930s-era gangster thriller will be produced by veteran Richard D Zanuck from a script by David (The Haunting) Self for DreamWorks. Set in Depression-era Chicago, The Road to Perdition revolves around hit-man Michael O’Sullivan, known to friends and enemies alike as the Angel of Death. Uncompromising in his work, O’Sullivan is just as devoted to his private life as an upstanding husband and father of two young boys.

But when those worlds collide, taking the lives of his wife and younger son, O’Sullivan and surviving son, Michael Jr, leave their sedate home life behind and embark on a startling journey of revenge. Coincidentally, Hanks recently agreed to team with American Beauty writer Alan Ball to star in and produce an untitled 1960s drama about a Cleveland cop trying to solve the murder of a loved one.

King Tut Spectacular
• Emmerich to catch nightboat to Cairo

After taking on the American Civil War in The Patriot, director Roland Emmerich will go further back in time for The Murder of Tutankhamen. Based on Bob Brier’s 1998 action-adventure book The Murder of Tutankhamen: A True Story, the lavish epic will investigate the religious upheaval and political intrigue that might have led to the murder of the teenage king. “Since StarGate we’ve always been interested in doing a movie set in ancient Egypt, and finally, we’ve found the right story to takes us there,” Emmerich said. His producing partner Dean Devlin added, “This book has the makings of a fantastic movie. It’s one of those projects that you just know will be an amazing spectacle.”

Short Cuts

• Producers of a new film about Beatles legend John Lennon are desperately trying to sign up Ewan McGregor to play the murdered star. The film-makers believe the Scottish actor would be the ideal man to portray the singer in the film about his relationship with wife Yoko Ono

Roger (Notting Hill) Michell will direct Changing Lanes, a thriller revolving around a routine car accident in New York that changes the lives of the two men involved in it. Ben Affleck may star

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