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August 2000
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Blade Stunner
But what next for Russell Crowe?

Russell Crowe in the high-grossing GladiatorI said as much in my review of Gladiator for this magazine and now it looks like Russell Crowe has indeed become the first superstar of the millennium. The Kiwi heart-throb will be getting upwards of $15 million for his next film. But what is that going to be? Once he finishes Taylor Hackford’s Proof of Life, currently shooting in Colombia, for which he was paid $7.5 million, Crowe must decide between three-high profile projects.

One is director Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind, the adaptation of Sylvia Nasar’s book about John Forbes Nash Jr, a Nobel Prize-winning genius who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Another is 33 Liberty Street, a drama about a wannabe mobster who tries to crack the big time by pulling a heist. The third is Jon Amiel’s North of Cheyenne. Whichever he chooses, one thing is for sure, Crowe will give a masterful performance because he seems incapable of anything else!

Three from Four • New FilmFour projects announced

Film Four have just announced a slate of three new pictures to go into imminent production. The first stars Andie MacDowell, Imelda Staunton and Anna Chancellor in John McKay’s Sad F**kers Club (unsurprisingly a working title), a comedy about three female friends behaving very badly. Gillian Armstrong will direct Cate Blanchett in Charlotte Gray, adapted from Sebastian Faulks’s best-selling novel about a young Scottish woman who joins the French Resistance in order to rescue her RAF boyfriend lost in France. And Tobey Maguire and Harvey Keitel will play the lead roles in Ben Ross’s Jack Sheppard and Jonathan Wilde, a bawdy look at the 18th Century story of London’s infamous Thief Taker General and the young jail-breaker who proved to be his match.

Short Cuts

Keanu ReevesBen Stiller will direct and star in Zoolander, a comedy about a naive male super-model. Based on an alter-ego Stiller created for the VH-1 Fashion Awards in 1997, Fox talked the There’s Something About Mary star into building a film around an international fashion misadventure…

Plans are underway to make a $30 million sequel to Easy Rider, the iconic 1969 film that starred Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as two hippies on a motorbike expedition. Mikki Allen Willis, who helmed Shoeshine Boys, will direct and shooting begins in the Autumn using many of the locations seen in the original.

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