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July 2000
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Mission 2 Accomplished
Director John Woo on the most eagerly-anticipated movie of the summer!

From Hong Kong to Hollywood, director John Woo has changed the face of the action genre. But his latest film looks set to go beyond anything he’s achieved before. It is, of course, M:I-2, the sequel to the huge 1996 hit Mission: Impossible starring Tom Cruise once again as special agent Ethan Hunt. Film Review caught up with Woo recently to ask him about the movie. Full story in issue!

Tom Cruise; "Perfectionist" in M:I-2 “What Brian De Palma did for the first episode was brilliant as he has incredible virtuosity. My movie is different as I use much more romantic elements... I want my own style to be recognizable on
M:I - 2. We also wanted to create a new image for Tom. The new look was totally Tom’s idea, with the longer hair and clothes. In this movie he looks very elegant, charming and sexy.”
Cruise wanted Woo to direct the picture because he was such a fan of his work. Woo continued, “Tom is a perfectionist. He also really loves movies. He knows exactly what he wants so it’s very challenging to work for him...”

A-list star heads for Little League • Keanu plays Hardball

Keanu Reeves will star in Paramount’s Hardball, a drama about an inner-city Little League baseball team directed by Brian (Ready to Rumble) Robbins. Based on the Daniel Coyle book, the story is being adapted by screenwriter John Gatins, who co-wrote the Robbins-directed Varsity Blues, and sounds similar to The Bad News Bears on a lower income.

Keanu ReevesReeves will play an aimless young man who is scalping tickets, gambling and drinking while his friends are settling down and making money at good jobs. When he tries for the umpteenth time to borrow money from a friend, the pal makes the loan conditional on the guy coaching a Little League team from the Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago, a squad that his brokerage house is sponsoring. The man is transformed by mentoring the kids and finds salvation through the experience.

Short Cuts
Meg Ryan will take over the lead role from Catherine Zeta-Jones in director Oliver Stone’s Beyond Borders, a romance revolving around international relief workers, also starring Kevin Costner.

Hot on the heels of his comedy hit Galaxy Quest, director Dean Parisot will helm Locked and Upright, a comedy about two sexy Seventies flight attendants who go back in time to World War II and save England from the Nazis.

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