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From Film Review Feb 2000
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Keanu's Sweet November • Fishy tale for Matrix star
Keanu Reeves: moonlighting Keanu Reeves’s next movie will be Fishing for Moonlight based on the true story of a stockbroker whose life is destroyed when he frees a prostitute from the Russian Mafia. He’ll follow that with a re-make of the bittersweet romance Sweet November marking his first love story since A Walk in the Clouds in 1995. The original 1968 film starred Anthony Newley as a Manhattan tycoon who falls for Sandy Dennis despite her insistence on taking a new lover each month because she is dying.

Pat (Circle of Friends) O’Connor will direct the film in February before Reeves heads off to Australia for the mammoth 250 days it will take to shoot the two back-to-back sequels to The Matrix.

A Happy Bunny • Love works
Jennifer Love Hewitt: Bunny girlJennifer Love Hewitt will produce and star in MGM’s Bunny, a spy comedy based on a ’60s Harvey comic to be directed by Stephen Sommers. The TV star will play a woman who fits in far-flung James Bond-style spy missions between college and the adventure is being described as “a female Get Smart in college”. Hewitt is also in talks to star in Trust Me which follows an undercover FBI agent-trainee who gets kidnapped by a mob contract killer. The kidnapper then falls for Hewitt’s character and releases her only to find that it’s he who now has the price on his head for the transgression of mob ethics. The increasingly busy Hewitt is also down to play The Girl in the Curl.

Heaven Can Wait Again Loves Me Like a Rock
Fresh from their American Piesuccess, Chris and Paul Weitz will direct their script I Was Made to Love Her for Paramount Pictures. Chris Rock, having developed an affinity for angels’ wings in Dogma, is set to return to the sweet hereafter as a comedian who dies prematurely and is returned to Earth in the latest re-make of Ernst Lubitsch’s 1943 classic which became Heaven Can Wait for Warren Beatty in 1978. According to inside sources, Rock is flattened by a bus and sent back to Earth in the most unsuitable body possible after the bureaucrats in Heaven realize their error in plucking the lad prematurely. Cue the funny complications complete with love interest.

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