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still on UK release for December 1999
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Never the twain? East is EastEast Is East
Beautifully written comedy-drama, set within an Anglo-Pakistani family in 1970s Salford. Cultural confusion, and contrasting influences threaten George (Om Puri), Ella, and their seven children who are determined to make their own decisions in life. With strong characters, great acting and confident direction from Damien O’Donnell, this British film is a real treat.

The Sixth Sense
Never mind Blair Witch, this is the must-see horror tale of the year. Bruce Willis as a troubled child psychologist, wisely takes a back seat to young Haley Joel Osment’s breathtaking performance as a kid who can see ghosts and is, quite understandably, terrified. A fine film that bears multiple viewings.
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Long-delayed due to performing poorly in the US and a feeling that it covered the same ground as The Truman Show. There are certain similarities, but here Ed (Matthew McConaughey) actually volunteers to have the cameras follow him 24 hours a day, for a reality-based TV show that turns him into a star. But fame comes at a price, which makes for some laughs and a few tears in this shamefully underrated movie.

Fight Club
This is one you will love or hate, dealing in extreme brutality on one level, but more thoughtful ideas below the surface. Ed Norton plays the disaffected office jockey who glimpses a new way of life through his friendship with the anarchic, and dangerous Brad Pitt. A visual feast, with the devastating impact of a swift uppercut.
Ride With The Devil
Director Ang Lee’s previous credits have included both The Ice Storm and Sense & Sensibility, so it will come as no surprise that he turns his hand so adeptly to another genre here. This Civil War western has an epic feel, yet tells an intimate story of one young man’s journey as he is forced to take arms and fight. Tobey Maguire and Jewel head the cast.

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