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Taken from the January 2000
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Big Rhys • Ifans’s career goes to hell…
Slobbish behaviour has paid off for Rhys Ifans, star of Notting Hill. The 30-year-old actor has landed a leading role in Hollywood superstar Adam Sandler’s next comedy as the Devil’s far more evil son. The Welshman will pick up at least
$1 million for appearing in Little Nicky which starts shooting in December.

Things are looking up for Rhys IfansRhys, who shot to fame in the low-budget gangster drama Twin Town, was hand-picked by Big Daddy Sandler after he watched his scene-stealing performance in Notting Hill. A source close to Sandler said, “This is Rhys’s biggest role to date. Adam loved him in Notting Hill and immediately decided he wanted Rhys in his next movie.” In Little Nicky, Sandler plays a young demon who refuses to take over the family business. He embarks on a journey from Hell to New York to find his runaway older brother, played by Rhys, who is now wreaking havoc on Earth. The brother had left home after a fight with their father, Satan, who will be played by Harvey Keitel. Patricia Arquette is also in the cast.

Rhys is on a roll after just finishing work on both Harry Enfield’s Kevin and Perry: The Movie and the Keanu Reeves comedy drama The Replacements.

Tycoon Winslet • Kate cracks the whip!
Kate Winslet: Hideously kinky?Kate Winslet, currently shooting the Marquis de Sade story Quills with Geoffrey Rush: “Those whipping scenes really hurt,” she said recently, has signed a money-spinning deal to both star in and produce her next film. Therese Raquin, based on Emile Zola’s classic tale of sex, death and psychological torture, will start filming next summer with a $10 million budget.

Kate, who has accepted a fraction of her usual fee, will receive a large percentage of the profits. The actress said, “I’ll be getting my hands dirty. I won’t be taking the executive producer title just for the sake of it.” Kate’s husband, Jim Threapleton, said the move into production was one his wife always intended to take. “I wouldn’t say Kate is becoming a tycoon exactly, but she has a natural ability at business. She hasn’t had any training other than keeping her eyes and ears open while she is making films. But she has learnt everything she needs to know in order to produce: I know she’ll be as good at this as she is at everything else she does.”

Ryan Joins the Millionaire's Club • Phillippe’s in the money
Cruel Intentions heart throb Ryan Phillippe is being paid $1 million to star in the MGM thriller Anti-Trust. Phillippe has seen his stock rise thanks to his success in 54, Playing By Heart and the upcoming Way of the Gun and plays a computer programmer whose dream job at a Silicon Valley firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of disposing of problems and even people. The film begins production on January 5 under Peter (Sliding Doors) Howitt’s direction from a script by Howard Franklin who wrote Someone to Watch Over Me for Ridley Scott.

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