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And this one time, at band camp...AMERICAN PIE
Rude and crude, but with a soft, sweet centre – let’s not go there – this teen rite of passage tale has charm and wit at work behind its more obvious gross out moments. And it could well make a star out of Jason Biggs, the guy with a fetish for pastry goods, who plays his lead character with charm and good humour.
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This ecologically-sound Disney tale has Tarzan growing up among the gorillas, only to discover his own species when Jane and her dad enter his jungle home. Vividly brought to life, this colourful story may pass over the heads of the very young, and has one or two moments that they might find disturbing. But in all other respects this is archetypal solid Disney entertainment for (almost) all the family.

Adam Sandler’s screen comedies are pretty much critic proof, so if you enjoyed his previous efforts there seems no reason why this tale shouldn’t entertain too. It tells of a feckless thirtysomething who tries surrogate fatherhood in a bid to impress his girlfriend, only to find a bond developing with the five year old kid he adopts

Big, glossy nonsense, this film from the man who made Con Air stars John Travolta as a military detective baffled by a brutal murder case. The ritualistic method of the killing, and the fact that the victim was the daughter of a highly ranked army officer with political ambitions make it highly charged, and pleasingly convoluted.

Made on a shoestring, this imaginative horror tale has grossed a small fortune in the US and, riding a tidal wave of Internet hype and earning the attention of columns like this, seems certain to echo that success here. That’s the thing about hype, you have to follow it to see what all the fuss is about. .

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