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Runaway Bride
• The Pretty Woman team are back, with another feel-good romantic comedy! Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and director Garry Marshall reunite nine years on, and Gere talks to Film Review about the smash-hit movie here...

Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows in peril one the Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea
• Almost 25 years after Jaws, new shark-infested horror hits the big screen. Gingerly dipping their toes in the water with us are its stars Samuel L Jackson, Thomas Jane and Saffron Burrows

Reviewed here

Special brew all round in American Pie

American Pie
• Lewd, crude but hilarious, this coming of age comedy ventures into realms beyond taste and decency. As young heroes Jason Biggs and Chris Klein desperately try to get laid before prom night, we begged them 'Don't eat the pie… '

Film of the Month

Blair Witch: looks pretty fearsome from here Blair Witch Project
• If you go down to the woods today, will you ever come back? We focus on the low-budget horror phenomenon that took the USA by storm and ask, 'Is it really all that scary?'

• John Travolta on uncovering military corruption in The General's Daughter: is it one of his best-ever roles?

• Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin are back on top form in the hilarious comedy Bowfinger
Mad Cows star and former Brookside girl Anna Friel is this month's Brit at the Back
• Recommended: five top films Now Showing in the UK
• Refreshing 32-page review section covers a full month's worth of UK cinema releases – including:

  • German masterpiece Run Lola Run
  • Disney's latest blockbuster Tarzan
  • and Adam Sandler's feelgood comedy Big Daddy
• also included: reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs and DVDs – and, in our newest section, some movie websites (also covered in this site's links)
• we preview Galaxy Quest, The House on Haunted Hill, and A Stir of Echoesin Things to Come
• eight pages of news in Despatches
• your movie questions answered in Film Facts
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