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Put your analyst on danger money, babyANALYZE THIS
This witty role reversal comedy is sure to raise at least a smile. The casting of Robert De Niro as the Mobster with deep seated psychological problems is perhaps its biggest asset, while Billy Crystal is the unfortunate therapist chosen to help deal with them. The mock Freudian analysis of one particular dream is an in joke almost worth the price of admission alone. Full review from Oct 1999 issue here!

In a year of movie comebacks that has seen Terrence Malick and George Lucas return behind the camera, a new film from Stanley Kubrick was arguably the highlight. That this final film from the enigmatic director disappoints is a mark of the high standard he maintained in his career. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman wrestle with deep seated problems in their marriage.

Earnest and riveting World War One drama, a little stagey but well written and solidly acted all the same. One time Eastender Paul Nicholls is one of the boy soldiers awaiting the order to go over the top, on the eve of the Battle of the Somme, while Daniel Craig is superb as his tough sergeant.

Savage satire based around the phenomenon of the teen beauty pageant. Some take this kind of thing more seriously than is really healthy, Kirstie Alley among them. As a ghastly Midwestern Mom she is prepared to go to extreme lengths to see daughter Denise Richards win, in the face of stiff competition from sweet Kirsten Dunst. If she has her way stiff will be the word.

Think Pulp Fiction-lite and you won’t be too far away from the tone of this hip and funky drama that has frequent flashes of quirky comedy. A story told from several viewpoints, it’s the tale of Generation X-ers seeking kicks but finding only heartache and physical hardship instead. A shrewd follow up to director Doug Liman’s Swingers.

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