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Taken from the November 1999
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Indy – Too Old to Be a Hero?
• The archaeologist is set to get his free bus pass…
How long will other commitments prevent George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford from uniting on a new Indiana Jones movie?

Waiting for the free bus? Harrison FordUntil 2005, revealed The Phantom Menace producer Rick McCallum, who is set to co-produce the new film with Lucas. McCallum said, “We actually finished work on the script three years ago, but everybody has commitments years in advance. George and I plan to finish Star Wars episodes two and three in the next five years and then will definitely do the other Indy. By then, Harrison and Steven will be available, too.”

The joke in Hollywood at the moment is that by the time anyone gets around to making Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Atlantis, heart-throb Ford will be 63 years old, and he may look more like the relics his screen character digs up than a viable cinematic action man…

Ben Hits the Big Screen • Fertile ground for comedy star
Stark choices in Ben Elton's debut featureProlific comedy writer and performer Ben Elton is currently shooting his directorial début Maybe Baby, based on his own screenplay, at Shepperton Studios and on location in Dorset. Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson star as two smart, sexy, successful professionals who have everything they want – except a baby. After trying every sexual position and fertility fad going, it looks like IVF is the only answer in a fast and furious romantic comedy with a surprising twist in the tale. Adrian Lester, James Purefoy, Tom Hollander and Joanna Lumley co-star in the movie produced by Phil McIntyre who hit big with the West End stage success of Elton’s Popcorn.

Michelle Puts Family First • …but no way is she quitting
Michelle Pfeiffer is closing down her production company to lighten her acting workload. The 41-year-old star wants to devote more time to her husband David E Kelly (the producer of Chicago Hope and Ally McBeal) and their two children Claudia, six, and John, five. Pfeiffer, who will next appear on screen with Bruce Willis in The Story of Us, says although she has no plans to retire “I just don’t want to be that busy. I’m scaling down. I don’t think I’ll ever retire because I love working. But I am going to do less... before I had a family, making movies was my family. It was so much how I defined myself. I still love making movies and I still take a lot of pride in them, but I take more pride in my role as a wife and mother.”

Mint has a fresh taste • DeVito twists again
It was the New York night club where The Twist dance craze was invented in the early Sixties and now Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films and Columbia Pictures are combining to bring the cultural history of the Studio 54 of its day to the screen. Peppermint Lounge is being written by Richard (Living Out Loud) LaGravenese and will obviously be driven by a great soundtrack as Chubby Checker, Joey Dee and the Starliters (singers of Peppermint Twist) and The Ronettes were just three of the acts who first appeared at the venue.

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