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Eyes Wide Shut
• Stanley Kubrick's sexually-charged movie is the most talked about non-fantasy film of 1999 - for its strong content, extended filming and for the sad death of its director shortly after filming. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman talk about their experiences of working on the legendary film-maker's last movie

Billy Crystal gets us to tell him about our childhood... Analyze This
• One of the year's most successful comedies sees Billy Crystal on top form as a psychiatrist treating stressed-out gangster Robert De Niro. Film Review climbs on the Crystal couch for a chat.
Film of the Month

• Robert Carlyle has a taste for human flesh (with or without a nice chianti). If this character enjoys 'The Full Monty', it'd be served with a jacket potato and beans. We pick the bones of flavourful director Antonia Bird.

Why she's a girl from a chainstore Go
• Katie Holmes gets a green light for the cool comedy thriller, and talks about the "overwhelming" success Dawson's Creek has brought to her career.

Ryan Philippe takes it to heartCall Sheet: Oliver!
After some consideration we can say… Oliver! is one of the best British musicals ever made. Film Review's enlightening feature goes behind the scenes and will have you asking for more.

• Tim Roth makes a stunning directorial début with the disturbing The War Zone (review online)

• Cuba Gooding Jr says 'Show me the monkey!' as he discusses his new psychological drama Instinct
• Dinky delight Charlotte Coleman is one of this month's Beautiful People, and our Brit at the Back
• Recommended: five top films Now Showing in the UK
• Refreshing 32-page review section covers all the UK's cinema releases for September – including all the newcomers above plus The Haunting, The Thirteenth Warrior and Drop Dead Gorgeous
• also included: reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs and DVDs – and, in our newest section, some major websites (also covered in this site's links )
• we preview Sleepy Hollow, Toy Story 2, and Chill Factor in Things to Come
• nine pages of news in Despatches
• your movie questions answered in Film Facts
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