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Pierce reads about the whole AffairTHE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR
Pierce Brosnan steps into Steve McQueen’s shoes with unexpected success, in this sharp thriller. John McTiernan directs the pacy tale of a millionaire businessman who devises daring art thefts for kicks. The delightful Rene Russo is the insurance investigator on his trail.

‘Bigger, Longer and Uncut’ is what the title says, and it’s what this expanded version of the cult animation delivers. Strangely moral beneath it all, the story quickly pits the moms of South Park against a pair of toilet-mouthed Canadian comedy stars, much beloved by their irrepressible sons. Rude, crude and hilarious, their efforts soon lead to all out war.

Better than Notting Hill, funnier than The Godfather, Hugh Grant’s new movie pits his utterly English character into a world of wiseguys and goodfellas. Or that should be good fellas-in-law, for when he meets his fiancée’s family he discovers that they are family. His efforts to fit in, while not getting involved in any of their dubious business dealings, makes for an entertaining romantic comedy.
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One of Hitchcock’s finest with a plot that seems simplicity itself. Two men meet [for the first time, on a train] and chat about their lives before one suggests an unexpected solution to their respective problems: murder. Farley Granger and Robert Walker are soon involved in a desperate battle of wits that has kept audiences gripped since its initial release in 1951.

It’s hard to pin down this movie’s charm. Student Max Fischer seems to be the glue who holds almost every school club, society and organization together but his extra-curricular activities are eclipsed by the arrival of a new teacher (Olivia Williams). Very soon Max is vying for her attention, alongside a deliciously amoral Bill Murray and her own perplexed boyfriend.

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