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President Beatty? • A political future for a an acting legend?
Distinct honour and high privilege for Beatty? Actor and legendary lothario Warren Beatty has told the New York Times that he’s seriously considering running for the US presidency next year. The Democratic party member admitted that he’s unhappy with current front-runners for nomination – Vice President Al Gore and former senator Bill Bradley, saying, “There certainly should be someone better. I have very strong feelings on a lot of things that aren’t being spoken," he added, “the most important of which at the moment is campaign finance reform: its tentacles reach into every other issue.”

Surely the thought of a charming ladies man, who’s made a living out of faking emotions for the camera, becoming President is a little far-fetched (a little bit of Film Review satire). But if Beatty does run for the Democratic nomination, it would surely warrant a re-issue of his recent Bulworth, playing a liberal politician whose impending death-by-hitman triggers a spree of political incorrectness.

Rhys on the Rise • Never far from a cinema near you
After his show-stopping performance as the slobby Spike in Notting Hill (now the most successful British film ever - Web Ed), Welsh actor Rhys Ifans has landed his first Hollywood role in The Replacements opposite Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. Ifans will play a wild ex-soccer player who joins a misfit US football team as their top kicker. Reeves will play the team leader and Hackman the team’s grizzled coach. Ifans has also signed on to star alongside Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke in Kevin and Perry: The Movie, the big-screen spin-off of a character sketch from the Harry Enfield and Friends BBC TV show. Ifans plays Eyeball Paul, a disco DJ, in the movie currently shooting in England and Spain.

Smuggler Smith • Re-write for Will’s actioner
Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough co-scripter Bruce Feirstein has been brought in to rewrite Warner Brothers’ action thriller Smuggler’s Moon as a starring vehicle for Will Smith. The actor-cum-rapper will play real-life jet fighter pilot Bill Jones and the film charts his experiences in the military and later as an international aircraft repossession man for US banks.

The Next Best Thing? • Schlesinger upsets the locals
John (Midnight Cowboy) Schlesinger, who has just wrapped The Next Best Thing starring Madonna and Rupert Everett, will direct another gay-friendly comedy. Two Gentlemen Sharing, based on the novel by William Corlett, takes place in an English village that is turned upside-down by the arrival of a theatrical producer and his free-spirited young boyfriend. The mutual culture shock leads to a number of revelations in the seemingly tranquil town. Producer Susan Landau has likened the new project to Schlesinger’s 1995 cult comedy Cold Comfort Farm by saying, “This picture is filled with an array of funny, eccentric and touching characters.”

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