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Wild Wild West
• The cool cowboy heroes of this summer’s most offbeat blockbuster must survive against flying circular blades of doom and a wheelchair-bound madman with a giant mechanical spider. All this in the 1860's? Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh and Salma Hayek reveal how the West was done. More...

Hugh Grant - married to the mob? Mickey Blue Eyes
• In his second summer movie, Hugh Grant finds himself sucked into the world of organized crime, murder and very bad paintings. He talks about being "ridiculously hands-on" as its producer-star.
Film of the Month

Pierece Brosnan practices a little windmilling The Thomas Crown Affair
• He’s got a license to steal and you know he’s going straight for your art as the coolest of thieves. Pierce Brosnan talks about remaking the slick Steve McQueen romantic thriller

Ryan Philippe takes it to heartPlaying by Heart
• Stop the press – a heartthrob who can act! Ryan Philippe on the legacy of Cruel Intentions and 54, and joining a fantastic ensemble cast for this warm romantic drama

Call Sheet: Frenzy
• Hitchcock’s penultimate film found the master of suspense back in mass murderer territory as Barry Foster strangled his way through London. We investigate the making of this pungent black comedy. Lovely! Lovely!

Rushmore's Bill Murray on playing shy and sensitive for once in a joyously unpredictable new comedy
• John Hannah, on a roll after Sliding Doors and The Mummy is our Brit at the Back
• Recommended: The five best films Now Showing in the UK
• Refreshing 32-page review section covers all the UK's cinema releases for August including the four newcomers above plus Cookie's Fortune, South Park and All About My Mother
• also included: reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs and DVDs – and, in another new section, we review some major websites (also covered in this site's links
• we preview End of Days and Dogma
• nine pages of news in Despatches includes
• your movie questions answered in Film Facts
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