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Selected from the September 1999
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THE PHANTOM MENACESith Lord Darth Maul: as stolen from several branches of Pizza Hut
Now the waiting is over can there be anyone out there who hasn’t seen this film? Those who have will probably be divided into a) immensely disappointed, and b) thrilled by the detail and invention of George Lucas’s latest effort. That split will also reflect the degree of affection held by respective audiences for the series as a whole.
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Leicester-born Stephen Frears makes for an unlikely director of a Hollywood western, but that does not stop this movie offering a thought provoking commentary on an old genre and a changing way of life. Set just after World War Two, this is a compelling tale of friendship and duty, turning on dramatic events that ultimately lead to tragedy and violence.

Though her high school is beset by cliques, Kat refuses to join in and keeps to herself… until she is won over by handsome and mysterious stranger Patrick Verona. As emotions are freed from the clutches of cold scheming, this engaging comedy turns on the charm with entertaining results

A cross-section of people live out their last days on Earth, before the planet we call home is destroyed forever. Some lose themselves in licentiousness, others in casual violence, others still in gratuitous family bonding. Writer-director-star Don McKellar weaves together a fascinating and uplifting tale.

Not to everyone’s taste, this sequel is bigger, brasher, ruder and cruder than even Mike Myers’ last outing as the defrosted Sixties superspy, now living and loving ’90s style. For every superspy there must be an arch villain, in this case Dr Evil, who has to cope with the vagaries of being a Jerry Springer guest as well as trying to take over the world.

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