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The Matrix
• One of the best summer movies of the decade: a plot so cunning you could brush your teeth with it, visual effects that make you gasp out-loud, and a winning performance from Keanu Reeves. He talks about the physical demands of his hard-punching hero in this issue, and it's our Film of the Month

A once in a lifetime pairing?Notting Hill
• More hot coverage of the film many people think is even better than the Hugh Grant film with lots of marriages and a burial. We talk to Hugh, and Julia Roberts who plays the most recognizable actress in the world. Must have taken lots of research!

Star Wars: Episode One
• The new chapter in the most popular soap opera of all time doesn't arrive here until July. But we got impatient and paid a visit to the Jedi Council to clash sabers with Samuel L Jackson

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, desertedThe Mummy
• There's Indiana Jones-style thrills galore in this spectacular reworking of the Hammer classic. We have a cryptic conversation with stars Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo

• Catherine Zeta Jones is so sexy she nearly gives Sean Connery a coronary in Entrapment "quote here"

Leo and Ken Branagh are Celebrities• Leonardo DiCaprio is quite famous in Woody Allen's Celebrity. We report on the real-life celebrity circus surrounding the première
• TV favourite Dervla Kirwan is our Brit at the Back

• Recommended: The best films Now Showing in the UK
• Refreshing 32-page review section covers all the UK's cinema releases for June including Cruel Intentions, Human Traffic and Get Carter
• also included: reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs – and, in a new section, DVDs too
• we preview Fight Club, The Astronauts Wife and Muppets from Space
• eight pages of news in Despatches includes a report on the midnight opening of The Phantom Menace
• your movie questions answered in Film Facts
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