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ANWAR BRETT recommends the best films
still on UK release for June 1999
Selected from the July 1999
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It may not quite match the sheer entertainment value of the film to which it is (definitely) not a sequel, but this latest Richard Curtis scripted Hugh Grant vehicle still has comedy, romance and charm in equal amounts. This time, Hugh is the owner of a run down bookstore, whose life is changed when the most famous actress in the world – played by Julia Roberts – stops by one day.

Reese Witherspoon's Best Laid PlansA deliciously convoluted thriller of the ‘who’s doing what to whom and why’ variety. Up and coming stars Alessandro Nivola and Reese Witherspoon head the cast, with a story that deals in frustrated people resorting to desperate, criminal measures in order to escape their dead end town.

Not many of us in the UK may be familiar with the hit American TV series upon which it is based, but the concept of an alien landing on earth and observing the absurdities of human life forms an effective family orientated plot. It is helped by top notch special effects, and winning performances from Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Daniels.

Nick Mead’s film may deal in social stereotypes and stock situations, but does so entertainingly. The vibrant music that drives the story on is perfectly suited to Lisa Stansfield’s voice, as she rekindles old flame Hugo Speer and strives to find musical success in the face of overwhelming odds.

Peter Mullan’s award winning performance in My Name In Joe last year interrupted the principal photography and post production of his directorial debut, a poignant yet occasionally comic view of a family driven to the very depths of despair. Douglas Henshall and Gary Lewis star, and offer contrasting reactions to the death of their mother.

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