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The best romantic movies of the year!
Hugh Grant in Notting HillNotting Hill
• Duncan Kenworthy, producer of the delightful Four Weddings follow-up Notting Hill (reviewed online) talks exclusively to Film Review about being re-united with Hugh Grant and the experiences of working with Julia Roberts.

Sandra and BenForces of Nature

• Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck have a whirlwind romance, amongst other natural disaster-related affairs of the heart. What do these unlucky travellers really think of each other?

Star Wars: A New Hype

With Episode One – The Phantom Menace almost upon us, we queue up and pay a visit to the hype galaxy far, faraway. Yoda says: mmmm! read this you must!

A Simple Plan
• The two Bills – Paxton and Bob Thornton – are excellent in this gripping drama triggered by the discovery of a suitcase containing $4.4m. The old friends discuss the small but beautifully-formed film here.

I Still Know... Jennifer • Jennifer Love Hewitt is up front about her slasher sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer: "I think we all did the best possible job. Now it's up to everybody to go in there and sort of scream"

Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek scores a box-office touchdown with Varsity Blues
My Name Is Joe star Peter Mullan turns to directing the tough Glaswegian family drama Orphans, and starts picking up more awards

The best films Now Showing in the UK
• Refreshing new 32-page review section covers all the UK's new cinema releases including everything above, plus My Favorite Martian, Swingand many more
• also included: reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs – and, in a new section, DVDs too
• we preview Mystery Men, The Thirteenth Warrior and Instinct
• nine pages of news in Despatches includes a BAFTA report
• Sixties study of moral degradation The Servant is our Call Sheet

• your movie questions answered in Film Facts
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