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ANWAR BRETT recommends the best films still on UK release for May 1999
An Ideal Husband
An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde's 19th Century comedy of social manners strikes a strangely topical note, as sleaze threatens to bring down a government minister. All the period niceties are otherwise observed in Oliver Parker's very straight handling of the material, while a fine cast including Rupert Everett, Cate Blanchett and Minnie Driver revel in some delicious dialogue.

Plunkett & Macleane
Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller are the dandy highwaymen that polite society is too scared to mention, robbing from the rich and keeping the loot for themselves. A cheerful mix of sharp observation and deliberate anachronism, it's a British Butch 'n' Sundance for the 18th Century.

Although compared to other recent Cronenberg efforts this stylish and absorbing tale is closer than ever to familiar genre conventions. Yet the detail is typical: eye-poppingly original but with a high 'yuk' factor. Still, the story holds everything together, as futuristic games designer Jennifer Jason Leigh seeks protection from Jude Law as hi-tech Luddites stalk her every move.

Blast From The Past
A neat idea neatly played out, this comedy-romance supposes that one paranoid family sealed themselves underground when nuclear war seemed imminent in 1962. Emerging 35 years later they note, with distaste, that the world has changed. But for son Adam - Brendan Fraser - this is his thrilling first sight of the world, a thrill matched only by his meeting with '90s sexpot Alicia Silverstone.

Peter Mullan scored a personal triumph with his Best Actor award at Cannes last year, for his role in My Name is Joe. He follows that up with a similarly powerful tale, this time directing and not acting in his story of a family falling apart comically, dramatically and violently - all at once, over one night - on the death of their mother.

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