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Tense, not nervous: Plunkett & MacLeanPlunkett & Macleane
• Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller hit the highway, as the Trainspotting pair who rob from the rich… and that's it. Is this stylish British thievery romp the biggest thing since the last Carlyle movie?
Well, it is our Film of the Month...

Nic couldn't believe what the Hollywood Hotline had saidEight Millimeter

• Nicolas Cage is up to his nose in snuff in this disturbing movie that examines the nastier side of low-budget film-making. We join Nic's journey into Hollywood Hell

A Civil Action

Another top role for John Travolta playing a small-time lawyer taking on a huge corporation. But the question is - does the court have a dancefloor?

Oscar Report
• The night of a thousand photo opportunities was the most suspenseful in years with generous amounts of surprises, shocks and Shakespeare. Oops! Find out who smiling when the envelope was opened and who was looking a bit miffed

Sir Ian as James Whale • Sir Ian McKellen is a knight to remember as he chats about playing horror director James Whale in the award winning Gods and Monsters

• Eighties star Ally Sheedy is in the frame in High Art

Jeremy Northam, star of the marvellous* An Ideal Husband is our Brit at the Back.
(*We give it a five star review)

The best films Now Showing in the UK
• Refreshing new 32-page review section covers all the UK's new cinema releases including everything above, plus The Faculty, The Waterboy and many more
• also included: reviews of the latest videos, books, CDs – and, in a new section, DVDs too
• we preview Wild Wild West, The Mod Squad and My Favorite Martian
• eight pages of news in Despatches includes a special tribute to Stanley Kubrick
• Peter Sellers's hilarious appearances as Inspector Clouseau in our special Call Sheet

• your movie questions answered in Film Facts
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