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ANWAR BRETT recommends the five best films still on UK release for March 1999
A Bug’s Life
I didn't mean to bug ya Thanks to Pixar’s invention (hardware ten times the computing power of their previous hit, Toy Story), and Disney’s marketing muscle A Bug’s Life has broken box-office records - taking almost £20 million in just three weeks. It is the story of Flik, an ant who always gets things wrong, trying to save his colony from a gang of deadly grasshoppers – and it features the funniest out-takes you will see all year.

Life is Beautiful
Despite the potential for controversy, Roberto Benigni’s unlikely concentration camp comedy has drawn plaudits from many quarters, as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Film. Sent to the camp by Mussolini’s fascists he protects his young son by pretending it is all a game, with points to be won for remaining safe.

From a story by the man who wrote The Sweet Hereafter and directed by the screenwriter of Taxi Driver, Affliction offers a predictably intense and powerful drama. Well acted too, with Nick Nolte on top form as the small town sheriff convinced he has uncovered a major crime, and James Coburn as his bullying father.

Sour Grapes
Written and directed by the co-creator of Seinfeld, this engagingly perverse farce depicts the falling out between two cousins, after one lends the other two quarters for a slot machine that instantly delivers a jackpot. Is the first cousin owed his two quarters, or a more substantial portion of the winnings? – that is the question.

This Year’s Love
partner problems for a group of dysfunctional twentysomethings, set in London’s bustling, cosmopolitan Camden Town. Like La Ronde as it might have been envisaged by Ken Loach, the film features such British acting talent as Ian Hart, Kathy Burke and Catherine McCormack.

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