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ANWAR BRETT recommends the best film still on UK release for January 1999
The Mask of Zorro
Well swash my buckle - it's Zorro!Proving that the over-the-top swashbuckler is far from dead, director Martin Campbell has fun with this tale of the Hispanic Robin Hood. Film knight Sir Anthony Hopkins is suitably aristocratic as the ageing Don Diego (aka Zorro) grooming Antonio Banderas to be his replacement in the fight against oppression and injustice. Catherine Zeta Jones is his daughter, brought up in ignorance of her true blood by Zorro’s arch enemy. Rather silly, but great fun.

Rush Hour
Just as Lethal Weapon 4 seemed to signal the death knell to one action movie double-act, so this inspired pairing of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan announces the arrival of a new one. The ingredients are perfect – a simple kidnap plot, and the mismatched union of a motor-mouthed LA detective and an impassive Hong Kong cop with a talent for unarmed combat. While it doesn’t take itself too seriously, the action is breathtaking.

The Prince of Egypt
A bold animation from Dreamworks, this Biblical epic is far from perfect but shows great promise. The Exodus story – also available, you’ll be glad to know, in book form – is sensitively told, even if the film is a little long.

The Boys
Hold on for a white knuckle ride into the heart of disturbed male psyches, aimless aggression and nihilistic anger that will boil into one dreadful, violent act. David Wenham is excellent in the lead, a role he played on stage, while the rest of the cast in this Australian film lend conviction to a depressing but all too believable tale.

Enemy of the State
Tony Scott’s tension-building tale of Big Brother pursuing terror stricken Will Smith, an ordinary hero of an extraordinary tale. He’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and is less than happy when powerful Government agencies use all their means to threaten his very existence.

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