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ANWAR BRETT recommends the best film still on UK release for December 1998
He's Out of SightThe title is a pretty apt description for this sexually charged, high quality Elmore Leonard thriller. George Clooney fulfils his big screen promise as a career criminal, while Jennifer Lopez smoulders as the cop drawn in more ways than one to pursue him.

A Woody Allen film in all but name, this computer generated adventure is less a broad family film than an amiable satire. Woody is an ant concerned that his life has little meaning beyond the teeming mass of other ants – which of course, strictly speaking, it doesn’t, until he uncovers an evil plan to usurp the established colony order.

A film with echoes of LA Confidential, this compelling thriller pits ace hostage negotiator Samuel L Jackson against members of his own force after he is accused of murder and corruption. So he refers to what he knows best – a hostage situation – only this time from the inside, with his prime accusers in internal affairs as his hostages. Kevin Spacey is brought in to try to talk him out of it.

Sleuth meets Scream in a nicely film literate, supremely enjoyably drama built around the idea that death in college pre-empts a straight A term average for the grieving roommates of the deceased. It seems too tempting a chance to get into university with the minimum of work – but just who will be the killer, and who will be the victim?

A new Ken Loach film prompts celebration in some quarters, derision in others, but it would be a shame is his detractors were to miss this finely crafted, beautifully acted drama laced with heart and soul. Peter Mullan is excellent as a recovering alcoholic drawn back into his nightmarish past just as

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